I use “Find in files” a lot. But today it stopped working big time. Even searching for common words like “public” and “namespace” gave absolutely nothing. All I got was “no files were found to look in”. Huh?!?

It turns out it’s a bug in Visual Studio, or actually a bug in Windows which might have been around since 2004. Seriously, they couldn’t fix it in 10 years!!? Cut to sad developer laughing and crying in equal measure 😛

According to SO it’s possible to fix this by trying out various key-combos, none of which worked for this time:
Ctrl + Break
Ctrl + Scroll lock
Alt + Break
Alt + Scroll lock
Break (alone)

No luck with that, so time to break out regedit. Deleting this registry key and then rebooting should solve the problem:

MyComputer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\[VS VERSION NUMBER]\Find

Of course, this only solves the problem until it reappears, but that’s how it goes.