When you try to start a website in IIS you get a popup with error code 0x8ffe2740.

Surprisingly this problem can be caused by Skype having bound to TCP port 443. If this is the case simply go offline in Skype, start your website (should work now), and go online again in Skype.

I experienced the problem on this developer box: Windows XP Pro SP3, IIS 5, running a DotNetNuke 4.* site.


The “System” log in Windows Event Viewer shows the following info:
Event ID: 115
Source: W3SVC (the WWW publishing service)
Description starts with “The service could not bind to instance 1 ..”.

According to www.gafvert.info event ID 115 indicates that IIS cannot bind port 443 (the SSL/https port). Similarily there is another event ID 113. One possible reason for this error is of course that another process has already bound port 443.

A quick look in the TCPView tool reveals that Skype is listening to the “https” port, in other words Skype has bound port 443 (you can verify that this is the same port by unselecting “resolve addresses” in the “options” menu in TCPView).

The next logical step is then to make Skype close the port (by changing status to “Offline” in Skype), and trying to start the website again in IIS manager / MMC. Similarily this procedure can be used when other applications have stolen port 443.

Legal note: Skype is a registered trademark of Skype Limited, USA.