Getting Apache Tomcat 5.5 to run under Microsoft’s Internet Information Services 6.0 (IIS6) was not very pleasant, thanks a good deal to a lot of out-of-date documentation on the net. I don’t think the documentation on setting up the Tomcat connector for IIS was so great, for exactly the same reason.

Luckily the appropriately named “Laughing at the stony face of gloom” has a very good guide for setting up Tomcat to run under IIS 6.0. It was a real time saver, I wish I had found it yesterday!

The only thing for me to add really is that it is important to read the text in the guide carefully, and not just blindly copy the contents of and such. Because then it won’t work. You have to carefully check the values (and the docs on those configuration files), to make it work for your webserver.